North American Jeeps have been available in many engine and transmission configurations since the start. This list is a work in progress to document OEM Jeep engine options. It should be used to help identify what Jeeps came with what engines from the manufacturer and will serve as a base for drivetrain swaps for future writeups.

230 (3.8L) V6 | Wrangler JK
, 240lbs-ft torque

287 (4.7L) V8 | Grand Cherokee
230hp, 295ft/lbs torque

360 (5.9L) V8 | option 98 Grand Cherokee only
250hp, 335ft/lbs torque

318 (5.2L) V8 | option Grand Cherokee
230hp, 300ft/lbs torque

242 (4.0L) I6 | 80s Cherokee and 91-95 Wrangler/YJ

185hp, 220ft/lbs torque

150 (2.5L) I4 |
91 - 95 Jeeps
MFI 123hp, 139ft/lbs torque

150 (2.5L) I4 | 87 to 90 Jeeps
TBI 117hp, 135ft/lbs torque

150 (2.5L) I4 |
84 to 86 Jeeps
Carb 105hp, 132ft/lbs torque

151 (2.5L) I4 | 80-83 CJ's (GM engine)

82hp, 125ft/lbs torque

(2.8L) V6 | option early XJ and MJ (GM engine)
115hp, 145ft/lbs torque

401 AMC V8 | option
74-up FSJ Jeeps
215hp, 320ft/lbs torque

360 AMC V8 |
71-up FSJ Jeeps
2bbl 175hp, 285ft/lbs torque

360 AMC V8 |
73-up FSJ Jeeps
4bbl 195hp, 295ft/lbs torque

304 AMC V8 | 80-81 Jeeps

2bbl 125hp, 220ft/lbs torque

304 AMC V8 |
79 FSJ Jeeps
2bbl 130hp, 245ft/lbs torque

304 AMC V8 | 72-78 Jeeps

2bbl 150hp, 245ft/lbs torque

258 AMC I6 | 79-90 Jeeps

2bbl 112hp, 210ft/lbs torque

258 AMC I6 | 71-78 Jeeps
1bbl 110hp, 195ft/lbs torque

350 Buick V8 | 69-70 J-series

2bbl 230hp, 350ft/lbs torque

225 Buick V6 | 66-? CJs

2bbl 160hp, 235ft/lbs torque

327 AMC V8 | 65-69 FSJ's

2bbl 250hp, 340ft/lbs torque

Still researching to expand on this list and Jeep engine details. This is a living document so if you see any incorrect information or want to add something we may have missed, let us know.